Live to your true potential.  Let me move barriers out of your way.

Stef Crowley

Massage master and
energy specialist

Let me guide you to a better place of health and freedom through energy balancing, massage mastery and a modern twist on spiritual guidance .


Massage & Energy Blend
Release pain and restriction physically and energetically

Energy Clearing / Healing
Facilitate positive change and release blocks holding you back

Rewrite your limiting beliefs into empowering potential


My entire life I have sought to reach past the superficial and release the potential within.

In 2009 I found a had a gift; the ability to ‘tune in’ to others’ emotional baggage, read their physical body and have insight into the issues behind the body pain they were experiencing.

This instilled in me a passion, and a commitment, to help people to be free of struggle and see them rise to greater happiness, potential and ease.

I have gained skill and knowledge, and with this awareness I strive to facilitate real and lasting change for people and their lives.

How can I help?

Whether you have physical or emotional pain, feel you’re being held back but don’t know why, or know that you carry emotional baggage… I can help.

With me, the first thing you’ll realise is I’m here to listen. And with knowledge I’m here to offer insight and work with you to chart a course toward our ultimate goal of you being your best.

Every path is unique. I work to shift energies, clear blockages and offer intuitive guidance to help navigate you through the healing process.

Quite remarkable. My shoulder pain disappeared after just one massage, after plaguing me daily for almost 18 months ~ 21st Sep 2017

Amber APain disappeared

I am grateful my osteopath referred me to you. My encounters with your massage have been helpful and progressively successful! ~ 6 June 2018


I felt 100 x better! My back pain went from 10/10 pain to 3/10 in just one session. Cheers Stef! ~ 5 April 2018

Colin ICan't believe it

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