Here’s some of Stef’s Client outcomes


Justine L,  PSYCH-K Session

I have to say I have had a big shift since seeing you, I was feeling really lousy that day after having headaches for several weeks that wouldn’t shift so THANK YOU. Headaches gone and I feel so much better.

Amber E – Energy Massage

I came in for sleep issues. I found through the energy session the cause was deeper – and was relating to a friend I needed to let go. Afterwards I felt like a new person and having restful sleeps now.

Chloe – Online Energy client

I just wanted to reach out and thank you so much for the amazing [energy healing] sessions we had last month. The difference I noticed, even that weekend, was unbelievable. Anxiety gone, so much lightness and much more calmness


Pauline S,  Energy Healing session

I’ve been meaning to give you feedback on how amazing I’m feeling. Not only my body but my mind. I have alot more clarity and can see how things from my past are affecting me today. I’m clearing the air with my mum, and helping to heal the past.


Allan H – Energy Massage

My first visit to Stef I was possibly at my lowest, I had separated from my then wife and my business was struggling financially. I had a lot of pain in and around the joints. Two visits over two weeks and my word what a difference it has made, after both visits there was a massive reduction in pain.

Stef gave me some advice which turned out to be invaluable, as I found out later.
I have since made many more decisions with clarity and have gone on from strength to strength, which I now attribute to the work that Stef did.”  Thank you for all you have done Stef.

Kylie – Papamoa Energy client

I had been feeling low, grumpy and exhausted – In our last 3 years we moved country’s – back from Auz… had 2 kids (1.5 years apart) my husband was sick for 2 years.
I was instantly unwinding just being in Steph presence and as the treatment unfolded it was clear to me that some huge work was taking place today!
Like I want to go back for more!!
A lot lighter in spirit and definitely more focused/present within my life. I am connecting spiritually so much easier (something I was finding difficult for a long time).
I have really had a major shift and I feel stronger than I have in years!


James M,  PSYCH-K Session

After our PSYCH-K session, I’ve been feeling better and better. Old hurts aren’t up in my face anymore. My head feels much emptier of ALL sorts of stress.

Annie Mc – Energy Massage

What a relief to have life back. I’m pain-free ( lower back and hip pain ), sleeping better and mentally strong. I feel normal again – forever grateful

Phillip B – Energy Massage

After my last massage [and energy] treatment, I was SO empty of stress.
You must understand, this stress had been almost crippling me.  [After the treatment]  I felt I could chill out for days! I had more energy, I felt heaps lighter.


Catherine C,   Various

“I spent most of the time struggling to balance my inner and outer worlds.  This came to a head for me one day. I felt that I just had to get help.

My first appointment was for massage and this was very nurturing which is what I needed at the time.  The energy was moving but I still felt quite blocked.  She then did an energy healing session and this was an amazing experience that really helped my energy flow more smoothly.

I suddenly felt like everything was back in order instead of feeling like a square peg in a round hole.  I felt reconnected and able to move forward with confidence rather than stumbling through my day.
Stef uses her skills, knowledge and energy to really help things move no matter what type of treatment she is doing.  I needed to follow a process to get back on track and Stef has led me through that process to a better me!!”

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