Here’s how a session could be


I help you with what you want, and help move the barriers out of your way.

The way I work, is at your pace

If you just want to dip your toe in, we can

If you want to leap with two feet into change, we can

I’ve worked with many people only just starting their steps outside their comfort zone, wanting to make small or large leaps .. all the way to people who have me to help them with a little Zhuzh for the next steps on their journey.

Shifts and uplifts are designed to bring the best up so you can reach your< greatest potential, and so work with my lovely clients at their pace, and in their best way.

Type of Sessions with me;

You can have face to face energy sessions at my Papamoa Beach clinicFor those who love and trust a good massage, my energy massages can help

You can have a energy / healing session anywhere in the world online via Zoom

You can help out a child or elderly loved one with a ‘surrogate’ energy session.  We can chat here and set this up, or ask me anything.

We can shift things at a mental causal level with PSYCH-K. 
It’s a super kind, super high-speed, subtly guided way to reshape your internal dialogue, beliefs an daily habits.

Massage and Energy

The trusted modality of massage blended with a mix of clearing and balancing of energy healing, whilst gently activating your potential.  Best of two worlds brought together.

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Energy Healing

Energy Healing supportively taps into the electrical and energetic layers of your body, clearing stuck energy or past emotional blockages to better allow a sense of flow, purpose and ease

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Allows you to quickly and simply change subconscious beliefs which have been limiting life, business and even your physical body.

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Are you ready for change? I can help