Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that the hammock behind us was always there

Music and sound has always been used to heal. It is part of all our ceremonies, worship, celebrations, entertainment and just life.
It’s vibrational healing and vibration touches every part of our physical being right down to the cellular level.

Join us in a sound bath for an immersive, meditative experience where you’re “bathed” in sound waves.

Stef always sets a space of warmth and acceptance, where everyone is welcome and equal. Even if it’s your first time, everything will be clearly explained and you’ll be held in a supremely safe space.


Theme for the Sound Journey and Deep Activation Meditation at the beach:  Holding space at the beach for un-serving to leave


These Soul Sessions: Sound Journeys are a beautiful blend of activated meditations, crystal sound bowl and voice tone singing, and gentle energy balancing to finish.


Every event is unique, every event is tailormade channeled on the night.


These sound waves during the journey are produced by various sources, including healing instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, percussion, chimes, rattles, and even the human voice itself.

Let your human, ‘doing’ self relax,  while the magic of sound works through your body to help shift old, outdated and unhealthy energies to be transformed and infused with new harmonizing vibrational energies… which lift you up to your next best self.

The best part of a sound bath is that you can come with openness and intention, or simply arrive, lay down, and allow your body to immerse itself in deep relaxation.

Saturday 16th December
7.00pm – 8.15pm

Papamoa Beach by Harrisons Cut
All tickets:   $25 pp

Such a special event!
Come and join us for a sound bath meditative experience where you are “bathed” in sound, communing with the beach, ocean and wave sounds.

The Deep Activated Meditation to start will guide you seemlessly to connect with and simply release any lingering ‘un-supportive’ energies from 2023 ( or before ) which you wish to let go.  Setting you up for creating a seriously abundance and amplified 2024!

During a sound bath, you don’t want to hook into a melody.  Instead, allow your active brain to let go and your natural body and it’s energy to find flow.

The best part of these sound journeys is that you have as much or as little intention as you like.  You can arrive with a particular intention for change – or simply lay down and deeply relax in the immersive experience

Your unique guided journey within.


What to bring:

✨  Wear warm, comfortable clothing

✨  2 x Blankets ( or one blanket and one yoga mat)

✨  Small head pillow ( and any other snuggly items if you wish)

✨  Water bottle

✨  Something special like crystal or candle


Count me in!

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