Massage & Energy Blend

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The blend of massage and energy healing is a great first step for a few different reasons.

1)  If you’ve never experienced energy healing before and you’re keen to ‘dip your toe in the water’

2)  If you’re navigating a vulnerable time, like a death, break-up, or other major change and you’re after a more gentle approach to things.

3)  You feel like your body needs some nourishing contact as part of your healing, or that’s what you’re gut instinct is telling you to do

4)   If you just feel like having it.

Massage & Energy Blend (Reiki Massage) can help clients who have had no relief from other health professionals.  I have been the ‘last resort’ for some clients having been to many other practitioners with little or no relief.  What else could be possible?  Are you ready to explore it?

The Technique

17 years of remedial massage and chinese acupressure experience is blended with energy healing (Reiki plus other goodies) to deliver a gentle yet powerful potential of both those worlds.

It gives the body a chance to release all sort of pain and tension if you’ve been physically sore, or hampered by a re-occurring injury — as also releases the potential causes of pain on your deeper, energetic levels.

This beautiful blended technique also releases emotional blocks, other energetic junk, and past traumas, so there can be balance and resolution in your body – AND mind and inner self.

This style of session goes waaaaaaay beyond your normal massage.   It has the potential to change lives.


In an energy massage (sometimes known as Reiki Massage), you may have ‘scenes’ (without the intense feelings) from the past may quickly pass in and out of your awareness.

This is one of the ways our body processes and releases the memories and reactions from the past so that it can be finally and permanently let go.

Energy can traditionally move up and out within between thirty to sixty seconds, and then it is gone from your body, possibly permanently.  There are endless possiblities.

Do I here a  ‘woohoo’!?

Finding yourself wanting to ask some questions …?   I’d love to answer them.

About Energy Massage

An energy massage releases your body.  The benefit of it being a blended session, it addresses physical muscle tension, stress tensions and energetic release as it begins clearing emotional baggage and trauma from your body and it’s surrounding energy fields.

In this session the muscles are released through massage and acupressure, and the body’s energetic parts are cleared, balanced and re-aligned.

There may be a chakra activation popped in just for good measure too just to make sure everything ends up ‘humming’.

During a session I may (it doesn’t happen every time) ask you to close your eyes and ‘tune in’ to a particular part of your physical body to help things along.

Energy Massage can help with:

  • Assisting your sleep
  • Anger, Stress tension
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Headaches & body aches
  • RSI / Overuse Syndrome
  • Phantom aches and pains
  • Increase your physical energy
  • Release from body, joint and muscle pains
  • Increase your confidence personally and professionally

If you feel anything above resonates with where you are now, I am an open door and here to help you.

Are you ready for change? I can help