Giving Back


Kiva is a loan, not a donation

When a Kiva loan enables someone to grow a business and create opportunities for themselves, it also creates opportunities for others. That ripple effect can shape the future of a family or an entire community.

I decided a few years ago to shift focus from “giving out” to “giving a hand up”, and Kiva ticked all the boxes.
It blew minds that a small dollar amount to me could change the course of someone’s immediate life by granting them the funds to get themselves into business.

The delight felt whenever a loan payment is made makes me proud to be a part of their business dreams; that means they’ve grown bigger and better off in their lives.

Hanan’s Story

Hanan is a wonderful, hardworking woman who tries her utmost to provide her family with a decent life.

She is a 52-year-old mother living with her family in a village near Nablus, West Bank. She works in sofa upholstery to help her husband with the family expenses.

John’s Story

John is married and has four children. He is from Butoole. John is a commercial farmer who grows maize, beans, coffee, and bananas.

He wants to expand services at his produce shop to earn more income for his business. He will buy a milling machine to mill maize bran himself to sell more and make the business profitable.

Bay of Plenty’s “Rescue, Revive, Rehome”

A non-profit pet rescue organisation

R.R.R. is a not-for-profit animal rescue organisation dedicated to providing a haven for homeless and rescued animals until we can find responsible, loving homes. We rely on fosters, volunteers, donations and fundraisers to provide a safe home for all the animals and all the others soon to come.

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