Where it all began

My path began from Gisborne, the first city to see the sun! Nowadays, I live locally in Mount Maunganui, NZ, where I work in a space and also online for many all over the world.


As a kid, in the summer holidays we’d camp in one of the bays just along from Gisborne with its tussock hills and vast, beachy sand dunes.

We’d make our own fun;  making driftwood forts, sliding down the then huge sand dunes and spend hours exploring the rock pools for life. I don’t mind saying; I’d jump into those rock pools and save more than my share of little creatures from danger too.


Helping was what I loved, and what I was good at.


That started this path of curiosity into the natural order (it took nearly 20 years but I got here) into what I do now.

What do you actually do, Stef?

I help heal wounds, clear paths and move the struggle out of the way so you attract inner balance and harmony; and ultimately, masses of prosperity.


Some of the ways I can help you, If you’ve had experiences with:

Anxiety, depression, PTSD symptoms, everyday people, corporates and family members lacking clarity, self-sabotage experts, children, stressed-out parents, entrepreneurs who are wanting a turbo-boost in confidence, corporates who can’t seem to find balance.

I’ve worked with Maori Iwi leaders who want to lead with more heart and clarity

We can take your session to many great places, and remove many sorts of junk.   I primarily use the tools and modalities of Reiki Healing, Guided Healing Visualisation (somatic healing style), Access BARS, PSYCH-K® & Light Language channeling.

They can help show your inner (self) world ‘talks’ through thoughts, beliefs and energy to your body, and then transmits to your outside world – showing you the world you see.

“Everyone Deserves To Have Freedom”

This is my mantra from the moment I wake up, to the second I close my eyes.


It’s the reason I do what I do, (and the reason I support small-scale entrepreneurs in emerging cultures through micro-loans  (more about that in my Giving Back page – coming soon))

I’m also a person who has a ‘foot in both camps’.  What the heck does that mean, Stef?

It means that I live in a place where spirituality and logic converge.

Even when there have been miracles happen right in front of me  (and you can have them too, you know),  I understand and explain the scientific ‘back end’ of it.   Not that it’s any less magical of course!

Science says;  your physical body and energy (the subtle, emotional forces in the background) work together every moment of every day.

The state of this ‘body – energy’ relationship can have you feeling:  held back, held down, squeezed tight or confused … or, if it’s cleaned of debris;  feels light, buoyant, clear-headed and empowered to propel you forward.


What areas of your life would you like to have propelled forward?

Maybe you’re here just because someone recommended you ,  or maybe you’re just curious.
If you’re here, then you’re most likely searching for some way to live your life better than it’s been.

I’m here, to help with lifting off the ‘hard stuff’ and the ‘crap people’.  I’m also here to help lift you to the next level to attainment, achievement, greater impact for the world.

If you want to be put on a path of more success, freedom and possibilities than you ever had before, then you’re in the right place!


Would you like to:

  1. Increase your energy
  2. Remove old negativity and unhealthy baggage from the past,
  3. Swap out’ unsupportive, sabotaging beliefs – and re-wire for success
  4. Lift your capability, and potentiality toward a better future
  5. Heal relationships with loved ones, food or your body
  6. Increase your confidence
  7. Remove or resolve stress, PTSD naturally
  8. Feel better about yourself, life, work, everything

If you like to receive bodywork how about try:

Massage and Energy Treatment (Energy Massage)
Reiki / Energy Healing Session


If you prefer non-bodywork, free your stressed mind, or success mindset shift try:

Lifestyle photo of Stef

Are you ready for change? I can help