Where it all began

I wasn’t born with the skills I use today. Though as a kid, I often felt different, it didn’t show up fully until adulthood.

It all began one day at work (a massage therapist I was then) I was working on a ladies shoulder, releasing the tension. Suddenly there was a strong wave of anger wash over me and settled in my chest.


Thinking to myself ” Hmmm, why am I angry? I’m not angry, I’m having a good day .” What could it have been?

Little by little, this weird little ‘donning’ of these feelings got me thinking … what if they weren’t mine?

I finally got up the courage to ask my client the next time it happened, and sure enough, what I was feeling was emotions they were holding on to – to do with what they’d been through recently (and for some, not so recently)

It took many years to placing a name with what that weird little ‘donning’ of emotion was. So now I know, I am an Empath.  A practical empath.


All the hours beneath bonnets with my Dad growing up, instilled the ethos of ‘understand the mechanics’  – and I bring this through in all my work.

Over the next 10 years have accumulated training and up-skilled in many areas to take what I was able to tune in to — and help people move it out of them.

A rule-breaker by tradition, a mechanic by habit and a carer at heart; what I offer is a seamless blend of all the things in my toolkit for each and every person.  


What do you actually do, Stef?

I help people who are at a crossroads, with their life or career to claim clarity and fearlessly step in to what they really want ~ and also to enjoy the road ahead!

We can take your session to many great places, and remove many sorts of things.  I primarily use the tools and modalities of PSYCH-K® , Reiki Healing, Guided Healing Visualisation – You can choose one stand-alone session, or a blended session of a few.

Energy Massage ~ Your own personal massage and energy shift blend ( from an 19+ year remedial massage veteran and Reiki Master) to release, balance and realign all systems

Reiki / Energy Healing ~ If you’re curious or comfortable with channelled guidance and energy healing ( usually a beautiful blend of a few styles) fully clothed laying or sitting.

PSYCH-K ~ A transformative process backed by science and Dr Bruce Lipton, which simply and quickly connects to the Subconscious brain to change limiting beliefs which keep you from reaching and living at your full potential  ( this is physical potential, mental potential, and emotional potential)

Your inner (self) world ‘talks’ through thoughts, beliefs and energy to your body, and then transmits to your outside world creating the life reality you experience –  More about PSYCH-K®  here

Clear the paths and move the invisible barriers you ( or intuitively) know is keeping you from attracting the best inner balance and harmony; and ultimately, masses of prosperity.

“Everyone Deserves To Have Freedom”


The state of your ‘brain <-> body <-> energy’ relationship can have you feeling:  held back, held down, frustrated, squeezed tight or confused, and sometimes down right crappy … when it’s cleaned of debris;  feels light, buoyant, clear-headed and knowlingly empowered to propel you forward.


What areas of your life would you like to have changed?

Perhaps you’ve been guided here because someone you care about recommended you ,  or maybe you’re just curious.
If you’re here, then you’re most likely searching for some way to live your life better than it’s been.

If you want a warm approach in supporting you toward more freedom and possibilities than you ever had before, then you’re in the right place!

I work one to one in Papamoa, an online with people in many countries in the world


Everyday people wanting a new lease on life

Wives and husbands wanting clarity in their relationships

Entrepreneurs who are wanting a turbo-boost in confidence

Corporates Type A’s who yearn for fulfilled work / life balance.

People who experience recuring body pain / body accidents

Tradies to corporates looking for a more fulfilled way to live life, or do business

Maori Iwi leaders to lead with more heart and clarity


You can:

  • Achieve a goal
  • Heal/ resolve body pain ( especially good for long term, or unexplained pain)
  • Increase your energy
  • Increase your confidence
  • Calm and balance for ‘overgivers’
  • Heal relationships with loved ones
  • Remove or resolve stress, PTSD naturally
  • Feel more love and confidence with your body
  • Feel better about yourself, life, work, everything
  • Remove old negativity and unhealthy baggage from the past,
  • Swap out’ unsupportive, limiting, sabotaging beliefs –  for success & inner love

Lift your capability, and potential toward a better career, purpose


If you like to receive bodywork how about try:

Massage and Energy Treatment (Energy Massage)
Reiki / Energy Healing Session

If you prefer non-bodywork:

Lifestyle photo of Stef

Are you ready for change? I can help