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PSYCH-K® is an interactive process designed to directly access your powerful Subconscious brain, and helps ‘re-wire’ beliefs that are barriers to life progress. In many cases results are experienced within just minutes of your first session.

Some people feel more comfortable with PSYCH-K® because of it’s practical, science-based approach, and it’s simple yet profound results.

PSYCH-K® is an effective way to create positive changes in your life when you know you want it, but don’t know if you’re ready for it.

How PSYCH-K® works

Our subconscious mind delivers sixty to eighty thousand messages to our brain and our body every day. Studies in neuroscience propose that 95% of our daily actions are effected in some way by our subconscious.

Where negative subconscious messages are generated from embedded negative beliefs from the past, we can expect negative outcomes. For instance, subconscious thoughts might tell us that ‘we’re not good enough’, ‘we’re never going to succeed’ or ‘we’re too this or too that be loved’.

PSYCH-K® is a rapid subconscious mindset change process, through which we can re-write the mental ‘computer program’ driving your subconscious beliefs, which may be sabotaging your success, health or happiness.

The process involves using muscle-testing kinesiology together with supplementary techniques to access the subconscious and make positive changes. In some cases people have experienced changes in life-long beliefs within 15 minutes.

It helps by clearing, activating or re-connecting one or more energetic layers to you which are impacting;

  • mood positivity
  • enthusiam and energy
  • social connections
  • motivation
  • emotional imbalances
  • confidence and energy

These actions in term can assist in the areas of happiness, direction, relationships, business success, emotional blockages, confidence and action taking.

What PSYCH-K® can help with:

  • Dissolving the ‘invisible ceiling’ in your progress
  • Improving relationships (with self, partners, family)
  • Forging new paths with confidence
  • Positively assisting the release of physical illness – ‘dis-ease’
  • Improving behaviour in children and reducing their stress
  • Success and achievement
  • Job performance, work and career
  • Wealth beliefs
  • Change and transformation
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Eliminating a ‘cluttered brain’
  • Releasing physical back pain
  • Releasing shoulder pain
  • Grief, loss and letting go
  • Better sleep
  • Improving mental clarity
  • Capacity to achieve goals more easily
  • Increasing in self love
  • Increasing self appreciation
  • Increasing physical energy
  • Increasing YOUR potential

About a PSYCH-K® Session

Step 1: Together we sit (me jotting down the important bits) and chat about what you want, don’t want, or what’s been occurring.

Step 2: Working together we reframe these views on areas of your life. Think of it as a reset of your mindset.

Step 3: Using muscle-testing (kinesology) we gauge responses from your body.  Then use the PSYCH-K processes to ‘re-wire’ your chosen new beliefs, in real time.

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PSYCH-K® is a simple yet power process of working to directly re-wire subconscious beliefs. Through doing this process unhelpful messages are removed of changed so they no longer sabotage our wishes, wants and goals.

The technique is designed to support you through the process of change. There isn’t any stress or anxiety that people might normally think would be associated with a ‘big change’.


Harness the power and processing speed of the subconscious mind! Full steam ahead towards the life more desired.

How many sessions are required for results?

One session is enough for some people to feel they’ve been placed on a better path. Some people have the wish to shift a few different areas of their life, and this can be unfolded in a few sessions.

With the 3 Session and 5 Session Journey we can connect at a time that suits you – in-between sessions – for a 15 minute support call online via Zoom.

Many people will intuitively know when it’s time to come back and connect with me for a further session, but I will email you after a week to check in and see how you are going.

Technology for online healing sessions

All you need to online sessions is a computer and an email address. The set-up if very seamless and quick. I will guide you through it.

If you feel that you’ve stalled in life or that you want to strive for and even greater life, it may be to do with your subconscious beliefs.

Psych-K® has helped many of my clients and I think it can quickly show you improvements, or even change things completely.

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