Massage & Energy Blend

Using the trusted modality of massage to blend muscle release with energy healing and balancing. Essentially this is a 50/50 blend to gain benefits on many levels, physical, mental and emotional

The Technique

14 years of remedial massage and acupressure experience is blended with energy healing styles to deliver the best of both worlds.

Releases body pain and tension if you are physically sore, and releases possible causes of the pain on the deeper levels gaining relief for far longer – and in some situations pain relief permanently.

This technique also releases emotional blocks which are held in the body, so there is balance and resolution in your body, mind & spirit.

Client Testimonial

“I was instantly unwinding just being in Steph presence and as the treatment unfolded it was clear to me that some huge work was taking place today!”

“I Iove her ability to use her intuition to cut to the point and deal directly with these blocks and remove them. She took me into past life situations and help me to move on. Genuinely I felt grief for this life and was able to feel it, release it and move on.” – Tracy H.

Make a booking

Book now to see me at my Mount Maunganui studio at 316A Papamoa Beach Road, Papamoa or for your 1:1  Skype/ Zoom session in the comfort of your own home.