What you didn’t know about the famous Mona Lisa

If you’re an art history lover, sharing the following story may bring you a smile larger than Mona Lisa’s

A small town in Italy of Laterina, is thrilled to see news that an Italian historian has determined a ruined Etruscan-Roman era bridge in their area was the backdrop of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

Causing quite a stir, paring modern technology of drones, with ancient records recording da Vinci’s whereabouts, including those owned by the highly influencial De Medici family ( at the time), historian Silvano Vinceti says he feels very sure that the bridge over Mona Lisa’s left-shoulder is the Romito di Laterina bridge.

In current day Laterina, the featured bridge is laying in ruins, and it’s said there are efforts to restore it to it’s former 16th Century glory.

I think I’ve just added yet another thing to my bucket list.

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