6 Ways to ‘Fill Yourself Up’ that won’t take up half an afternoon


You Mums and Dads (and other super-important family members who babysit – you know who you are)) know it.
The elusive ‘sweet-spot’ of perfect work/life/family/parenting balance can seem impossible to nail and we often are running on empty by the end of the day. Am I right!?

How can you give your all, if you’re feeling empty?

The most important thing to know is; you are not alone here. And that you’re in a right place if you’re in for a change of internal scenery. More about that later.

On the optimistic side of things: I’m also here to tell you there are many super healthy, helpful ways to have a “FILL ME UP” and it may only sometimes take a mere 15 minutes.

The key thing is: Your children, pets and other important things in your life will likely stay as alive and well as they have been – if you make yourself a priority just for these 15 minutes. It’ll most likely improve their lives too as a result.

Here are some ideas:

~ Take a walk on the beach, with your feet in the water (down at the waterline part)

~ Enjoy a reiki session (even half an hour yields wonders)

~ Put your phones / devices away for an hour and enjoy people watching

~ Do something you’ve been putting off doing (even if it’s as simple as take a luxurious bath in the daytime)

~ Listen to some Binaural Beat music (these are specific tones of sound that can rebalance the body systems)

~ Do something you love at a different time (taking a 10 min stroll around your neighbourhood after dinner

Our scientific friends note that thousands of body systems, endorphins (happiness chemicals) are definitely promoted and increased when you engage in things you love and enjoy.

I prefer to use the imagery of a champagne tower. In order for all of the glasses below to becoming full to their brims, the TOP glass must be filled to overflowing – again – and again – and over again.

Are you willing to be filled again and again, and feel filled up in the process? Sounds rather fun don’t you think.

Whatever fits the bill. Filling yourself up a 100% permitted and necessary for you ( and me, and all of us really) to continue to operate at our level best.

Are you ready for change? I can help