You are what you speak

EVERY MOMENT is a NEW moment.⁠

A very learned lady Delores Cannon once said⁠

“This thing called life – You are the producer, the Director and the actor in your own play⁠

You’re the scriptwriter too ..⁠
The script is being written as you go along — and it CAN change every day. You can change the script any time you want⁠.

There is no bad and no good – just many and varied experiences & learnings.⁠ Yep, I said it. Even the time when your first love dumped you for your best friend. That was a learning experience.

It’s only HUMANS who have an opinion about experiences. Our brain is wired to try and understand ‘why’ things happen to prevent us from feeling hurt or going through that experience again.


That doesn’t change the fact, that it’s still just an experience ( and there’s always, ALWAYS either a learning, an opportunity to heal something, or realisation in it to help you move forward )⁠

WORDS are pretty KEY in my work (and practically my life too) ⁠
WORDS have energy to them, they help guide the script within our own heads and also in the outside world — attracting all the things you want.⁠

WHAT IF ??? ⁠
You started every day with saying “I choose JOY today”⁠ … what more kind of joy could attract?⁠
Are you willing to metaphorically open a door or two to include more JOY.

Thinking and saying, “I invite more joy” sends that message out into the atmosphere (and by the law of physics) returns back with things of the same vibrational elements.

In a nutshell, if you speak it and feel it inside yourself, it’ll converge with the surrounding atmosphere – and bring more of it.

Are you ready for change? I can help