So… what is Energy Healing really?

A decade ago, the main way to solve life’s problems may have been to pour your heart out to an understanding friend, or for the really brave, lay back and spell it out on the chaise lounge with a nodding psychotherpist beside you.

Today, however a growing number of people are a wanting more,  some are complimenting counselling (or replacing it altogether) with tuning their chakras, utilising crystals, or delving into clearing past life blocks with energy healing.

Energy healing is a viable natural remedy for all sorts of modern issues.

Things like — relationship problems,  work stress, family trauma, mid-life crises, anxiety and rising rates of depression, and even physical maladies like headaches and joint pain.

But no matter which avenue lights you up the most, the end goal for practitiers is the same: to clear blocks in your body’s energetic field so that you  move past whatever is holding you back.  So you can live the way you were born to live.

It’s not just hard-core ‘crushed-velvet-wearing candle-shop-owners, spiritual types who are flocking to energy healers, like me..

Medical doctors, psychologists and nurses have started coming to see me—it’s amazing.

There’s definitely a lot more receptivity to this work than there used to be.

What was once been called ‘fringe and alternative’, it is now more mainstream and an acceptable conversation.

As people are waking up all over the planet, they are beginning to ask deeper questions – and wanting answers they can see and that last  .. not just another pillbox in the cabinet.

I believe we’re returning to the ancient wisdom that has been around for hundreds of thousands of years –  and finding the best ways to apply them to now.

To impact not only our own individual lives, but the direction of our society and ultimately the planet.

What people rarely talk about, is that change is definitively possible,  and also that change is usually accomplished in several small (almost baby-sized) steps headed all in the same direction.

If you’d like help finding of moving along your path, or free yourself from something you know (or feel) is holding you back,   I invite you to connect and chat.

Are you ready for change? I can help