Create space in your energy fields by decluttering

De-clutter your energy fields to open up opportunities in life by de-cluttering your online, mental and physical space

Clutter is a ‘too-full-up-to-move-with-spaciousness’ and room to move.
Clutter can be garages full of last decades stuff, bookshelves with books you’ll never again read, files in the ‘in’ tray that need a home, names of a contact list, apps on your phone you never use and can’t even remember what they’re for.

When we hold them in our space, they hold on to us too, wrapping us up in the energy of them.

If you feel a funny sort of ‘stuck’, breathless to move, or your head is wandering in circles; it could be time for a clean out of one or more of these things above.

Take a bit of time and space and ask yourself these:

What do I no longer need or use day to day or regularly?
What items or information is irrelevant to me now, as the person I am now?
What feels like ‘the old me’ when I look at it or hold it?

De-clutter with love, saying ‘thanks’ to it for its; contribution on your journey.
De-clutter with kind wishes; for it to go on with the next part of its journey.
De-clutter with a loving sigh to yourself saying it’s okay to be who you were then, and how you are becoming now.

Are you ready for change? I can help