Stef’s Introduction to PSYCH-K

My journey with PSYCH-K® began when I was at a cross-roads in my life (and business) a life-coach friend took me aside “What do you want to happen?”  she asked.
I answered honestly.  She guided me through a 3 minute process which, what I can only say – changed my life.

I’d been mastering and working with other types of energy clearing techniques for the previous 8 years.  And at that moment after finishing that 3 minute process, I was open-mouthed ‘blown away’ (to use a kiwi term) at how fast, simple and non-invasive the process was.  So fast, and so effortless, so kind to the body.

After attending the BASIC workshop in Sydney, I quickly began to see evidence of changes around me in life.  Real manifest changes.  This became my next area of passion, learning and mastery, for myself – and to help my clients too.

~  ~  ~

I’m the type of person who loves and appreciates ‘squeezing the most juice from the orange’ (in a loving and good way) – and by that I mean, to gain the most out of the experience.
PSYCH-K® really fit that mold.  It was a very simple way of identifying what I felt and knew what was holding me back from my passion and plans, and it gave me a clear set of processes to shift them.

I found that beliefs are like this … one can push and struggle at then, or through them feeling massive fight/flight “feel the fear and do it anyway” or one can feel the fear – and remove the fear.

I personally think and believe if we knew a better way of doing things,  we’d choose it.   I’ve found PSYCH-K to be a much better way to moving through my ( and my client’s’) fear, fight and flight to create a much more streamlined path to walk

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