A time when writing is hard – a past life memory

For ages I’d open up this box, go to write and freeze stiff.

What to write? Would anyone read it anyway?

My mind wanted to go full steam ahead, yet something intangible stayed in the way.
Old Stef’s life .. the girl I can say I was ‘before’ some large amounts of inner healing – she was introduced to ‘not quite fitting in’ early.

At, she would take herself into a corner and write, write, write – poetry, plays, prose, songs. She’d snuggle herself into the corner of the library, a quiet space in the school flower garden or up a tree at home. Read, write and sing to herself. Did she share this beauty with others? Yes – until she was around 17 years old and then not a drop more. Why did she stop?
She still saw the beauty, the poetry in everything and everyone. It just stopped flowing as it had before.

Healing sometimes is a funny and surprising thing (not always haha, but hmmm, cocked head to the side – sort of funny .. though sometimes it has been known to bring out a haha at times)

Healing can come along and show you things when you least expect it to.

It turns up, a ‘blam’ here you are – and whoosh the stuck thing goes!! Phew – ! breathe and blink a few times, and yes take another big breath.

My body showed me that another time , another life (gently turn away now if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of past lives)

* At the age of 17 (in another timescape), I had been a person who spoke up. This person back then, the ‘then’ me spoke up against, and published the truth about something horrible which was happening then and there. As often happens, the authorities weren’t such a fan, and had this ‘then 17 year old’ dispatched.

Somewhere in my body it showed me that this life (the past life one) wasn’t meant to last a long time, and so at 17 years old, it showed me it finished. My now body, breathed deep, moved and yawned all of this history out of the ‘now’. RESULT: I felt much lighter, and happier to express myself, in words, songs and writing.

It’s important for us to remember, we are so much more than muscle, bone, brain and feet. We and our body’s have memories, which undercover can be a reason for things holding us back from what we wish for –

Even if we don’t ‘know’ it. We have a body which accesses so many experiences that we have accummulated. There are times, when the memorie have reached it’s used-by date and need to go.

Have your wishes been held back lately? Or perhaps your body presents some pain that won’t go away? Makes you think … What does your body show you ?? —

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